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What'd She Say

I have taken a break for the past couple of weeks to work on a new series that I am starting… Stamping 101!  So, for the next few weeks, I will be sharing information that I find useful for new stampers and for anyone that is not very familiar with Stampin’ Up.  My series will consist of regular blog posts, some project ideas, and it be the beginning of some weekly videos that you can view LIVE, on my Facebook page, and here on my blog afterwards.

So, let’s start with the very first question… “what did she say?”.  In today’s world, we have terms and acronyms, and nicknames for every single thing… stamping is no exception, and us Stampin’ Up Demonstrators speak like we are in a cult sometimes.  It can be confusing and off-putting for someone who is watching our videos, looking at our blogs, and even attending our classes because we tend to forget that SOME OF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!  It is not your fault.  But as a result, we get the same facial expression from you that our dog gives us when we ask him/her “Where’s Timmy”  (some of you will get the joke… and then the other joke).

So, here it is… my first Stamping 101 – Lingo list.  I will add to this as we go, but this should help you translate what I’m saying!

Stamping:  Stamping is simply the art of transferring an image from one object to another.  For us, we transfer images from rubber stamps to paper with ink.

Demonstrator (Demo):  This is ME!  I am an Independent Demonstrator for Stampin’ Up.  It simply means that I have decided to “work” for Stampin’ Up and that I sell their products.  There are lots of benefits to being a Demonstrator, i.e. discount, attending events, and seeing products first.  Demonstrators are bound by some guidelines, but we have a lot of flexibility to choose the method we use to sell the products; some offer classes like I do, and some have a solely online business via social media and videos and others just buy from themselves.  Anyone can become a Demonstrator, just ask me how!

Project:  When we were in school, this word wasn’t good or at all exciting as it meant a long time to complete something we weren’t interested in and it would be graded… but in stamping world, it’s a totally different thing!  This is simply your creation or whatever you are currently working on, before, during and after it is completed!  It can be a card, a gift box or tag, or even a scrapbook page… the possibilities are endless.

Stamp Class: This is my monthly event.  I use this opportunity to teach people about stamping.  I teach various ways to use our products and achieve a ton of different effects.  In each class, we go over different things and you will get to practice these things by making your own projects that you get to keep.   If you live near me, come by one month! My classes are posted on my Facebook page and on Meetup!

Catalog (Catty):  Stampin’ Up does not have a store like Wal-Mart, or Target so all of their products are sold and marketed through their catalogs and the online store. Stampin’ Up has an Annual Catalog that they release in June and the products in it are available through June of the next year.  They also release smaller, short-term, seasonal catalogs as well.  We have the Holiday/Seasonal Catalog in September through December and it will contain items designed for the holiday season.  Then, in January, we have the Occassions catalog and our Sale-a-Bration Brochure.  The Occassions catalog runs through June and will have of our spring-theme items.  Sale-a-Bration  runs through March and is our annual promotional catalog that contains items you can earn for FREE.

Paper Snips These are our wonderful scissors.  They are quite sharp, and great for cutting paper and some other stuff too.  Tip:  Cutting a lot of ribbon with them will cause them to dull quicker, so invest in some good ribbon scissors too!

Fussy Cutting:  This is the act of cutting out images using scissors instead of punches or dies.  We love our punches and dies so much, that any time we have to cut something out with scissors, we get a little “fussy” about it.

Dimensionals:  These are also referred to pop-up-dots by some people.  They are adhesive backed foam pieces that raise some of your stamped pieces up off of your project for some more dimension.  Oh, and the little covers on them wind up EV-ER-Y-WHERE!

Pokey Tool:  This item is actually no longer available and has been replaced by our Take-Your-Pick Tool.  I refer to the new tool as the Pokey Tool sometimes in class though.  The Take-Your-Pick Tool has interchangeable pieces that help you pierce paper, pick up small items and score your paper.  Its an essential for everyone’s tool kit!

Color Family:  Stampin’ Up has one of the best varieties of colors on the market, and they are exclusive to Stampin’ Up.  Our colors are broken up into Color Families:  Brights, Subtles, Regals, Neutrals, and In-Colors.  They are grouped together because the colors in each family coordinate with each other nicely and are often seen together.  This is a great help when you are trying to choose the right shade of green to go with that shade of red you’re using.

Embellishments:  Embellishments are pretty much what they sound like… they embellish!  We have all sorts of embellishments ranging from sparkly jewels, to beautiful ribbon, and lots of other goodies in between.

Bundles:  Stampin’ Up is the master of coordination!  A lot of the stamp sets they create will also have punch or die set that will coordinate with it.  When the stamp set and coordinating item are released, they are paired into bundles.  They will have their own item number and when you use the bundle item number, you get 10% off!

Suites:   Suites are bundles on steroids!  Where our Bundles contain a stamp set and its’ coordinating die set or punch, our Suites add in everything else!  So not only do you get the bundle, you get matching embellishments, paper, and other items too!

Starter Kit:  This is the selection of items you get at a discount when you sign up to become a demonstrator!  Stampin’ Up allows us to customize what is in our kits so we get items we know we will love and use!

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